A free New Zealand based tool that helps you think, plan and find the resources and strategies that work for you and your growing family to stay healthy and happy during this important time.


Designed to guide and support parents

Since 2018 the classic version of the Positively pregnant app has been serving Kiwi families by helping parents think, plan and find resources and strategies that work for them and their growing families

  • Improve parenting confidence
  • Improve mood and reduce anxiety
  • Build social support
  • Decrease stress and distress
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of mental wellness
  • Increase sense of control

Now, we have got a newer version to help improve your experience with the app and made it easier for you to use.


If you’re pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, or just want to take a look, download Positively Pregnant and have a play for free!

Previous versions of Positively Pregnant are still available as an Apple or Android app.

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